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                          深圳市實益達工業有限公司Shenzhen Sea Star Industry Co., Ltd.

                          In the future, the competition among enterprises is no longer the competition among single enterprises, but the competition between supply chains. How enterprises gain advantages in the competition depends on the running in degree of this chain. As the fastest growing and most volatile manufacturing industry, we need to continuously improve the value chain to form a "win-win community of interests" among customers, companies, employees and supply chain.

                          In 2009, we had successfully enabled SAP system, including MM (material management), PP (manufacturing and planning), SD (sales and order management), FI / CO (financial management and cost management), BW (business data warehouse / decision support information system) and other modules. In the collaborative operation of the function module, customers and companies, companies and suppliers pull the flow of people, logistics and capital through the order information flow, which greatly improves the operation efficiency, such as: 1. Accelerating the capital turnover rate; 2. Reducing the rate of stagnant materials; 3. Promoting the JIT timely supply mode of more than 20 suppliers; 4. Shortening the material procurement and production processing cycle and other mutually beneficial effects, So as to benefit the business partners of the same trade.
                          Meanwhile, we are the first in the industry to use the SRS system in a scientific way to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all suppliers, such as quality, delivery, cost, responsiveness, innovation and improvement, and hold regular meetings with strategic partners.

                          In 2020, we had also applied the MES system to regulate the operation in-house that is end to end solution for the EMS industry, which enhance the high productivity, quality and traceability, the simply chart shown chain for each functional managment. 



                          We are adheres to the original intention as "high quality, high efficiency, integrity" and pragmatic professionalism, has made positive contributions to the development of the company and won the high praise of the government. Importantly, we have won good reputation in the industry with its stable and high-quality supply resources and service quality, and has always been committed to paying attention to the needs of domestic and foreign customers, constantly improving the operation level, based on continuous improvement, and making unremitting efforts to meet the needs of customers.








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